About us.

What we do.

ClarityMinded takes an Agile approach to deliver successful projects that are focused on clear requirements, excellent planning, and high-quality delivery.

Why we do it.

ClarityMinded has proven that “being Agile” is more than just wrapping buzzwords around a waterfall project. Agile development is a proven approach to team and project management. This iterative approach applies not only to delivering the capability hoped for, but it builds the habits and values necessary to become a highly functioning team. ClarityMinded exists to teach, coach, lead, and grow teams of Agile Practitioners, enabling success on every project.

How we're different.

Whether we are working on a turn-key application or embedding with our client’s team, we demonstrate purposeful decision-making and actions that lead to delivering better outcomes.

We do not simply teach and leave. We do not simply provide technical services. We invest in our clients to teach, coach, lead, demonstrate and deliver the best outcome of each and every project.