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over 65 years of combined experience all comes down to this

A Dynamic Team Shaping Tomorrow's Technology Solutions

ClarityMinded represents diverse views on solving technology problems. The common thread between these multi-decade careers is the notion that “we can improve our processes and the outcome of projects responsibly, iteratively, and cooperatively”. To that end, ClarityMinded focuses on a clear view of successful and evolving approaches to technology design, development, and delivery while being mindful of the goals and investments of our clients. As leaders and teams we believe in, exercise, teach and champion Agile frameworks and methodologies within the culture and context of the organizations we serve.

Chuck Ludwigsen // Owner, President

Chuck Ludwigsen is a technologist and the founder of ClarityMinded Consulting. He has over thirty years of experience building technology solutions and the processes used to take those projects from conception to production. “The process should be developed in the same way that an application is; with standards, requirements, collaboration, evaluation, objectives, and measurements.”

Michelle Hurtley // Owner, Executive Vice President

Michelle Hurtley is organized. Beginning in the United States Air Force as a computer operations specialist, Michelle instantly and repeatedly drew organization and efficiency out of the variety of tasks and teams she served. To this day, she can step into virtually any role and bring a clear, efficient oversight of every step of a project. “I am honored to help people do what they do better.”

Shawn Hurtley // Owner, VP of Operations

Shawn Hurtley is a teacher and consummate problem solver. Having held roles as a technology educator as well as an implementer, Shawn has a distinct ability to see a product from the perspective of the ultimate consumer. “Sometimes if teams are too focused on pure technology, they can forget the person at the other end of the keyboard. At ClarityMinded we never ignore or forget the human factor.”

Jen Ludwigsen // Owner, VP of Employee Relations

Jennifer Ludwigsen brings a nurturing element to the team with her first love: people. Her dedication to fostering a supportive and collaborative environment as well as her passion to take care of the people who take care of everyone else, is crucial for maintaining a positive and productive workplace. Recognizing that a happy and engaged team is what she believes to be the foundation of successful projects. As she often says, “When employees feel respected and supported, they’re empowered to do their best work, driving the entire organization forward.”

Preston Gilchrist // VP of Technical Services

Preston Gilchrist has been a technology enthusiast for almost his entire life. He has decades of experience solving complex technology challenges in a diverse set of industries including high tech, hospitality, and finance. He brings the same high level of dedication, innovation and results oriented focus to all his endeavors. “Many small wins are the best way to achieve big wins.”

Yvonne Yacono // VP of Finance & Human Resources

Yvonne Yacono is a servant-leader who enjoys bridging the complexities within corporate departments, with often-competing intricacies of the financial operations of the company. Often referred to as “the clean-up queen”, she has used her expertise to upgrade and enhance the financial or administrative functions across multiple industries. With Agile concepts, she exercises forensic analysis, team training, process development, and system integrations, to bring synergy and efficiency throughout the entire organization. “Recognizing finance as a prime part of the business instead of an ancillary necessity, will help your business grow in a cohesive and successful manner.”