The difference between understanding Agile, and Being Agile, will determine your success as an organization.

ClarityMinded exists to teach, coach, lead, and grow teams of Agile Practitioners, enabling success on every project. We don’t just teach Agile. Through implementation and cultural repositioning we empower an Agile organization to carry themselves through and far beyond our partnership.

You Deserve More.

ClarityMinded is our name because it is our mission. Having a clear view of how to establish and run a project is key to its success. With more than 30 years of experience designing and building software, organizing and growing teams, planning and executing projects, and improving how organizations make technology and planning decisions, we bring clarity to our clients’ projects. We understand and remain mindful of our clients’ investments, goals, culture, and values. We know that change must recognize each of those elements and have a clear purpose and path. 

Our clear view and mindfulness is the base that has built ClarityMinded and will help our customers succeed.

The “Aha” of Agile.

ClarityMinded has proven that “being Agile” is more than just wrapping buzzwords around a waterfall project. Agile development is a proven approach to team and project management. This iterative approach applies not only to delivering the capability hoped for, but it builds the habits and values necessary to become a highly functioning team.

Our competitors may be satisfied they have taught you the concepts of Agile. We will continue beyond training to ensure your team embodies the core habits and functions of a true Agile Organization.